Team Valhalla is a group of strongman competitors that Odd Haugen has personally taken under his wing to teach all the techniques that he has learned from years of international competition. Once you are on Team Valhalla you become a member of a family. It is a commitment with monumental advantages from elite training partners, traveling internationally for competitions as well as proper coaching from a legend and former Worlds Strongest Man competitor. If you have ever wanted to compete on the World Stage then there is no other place that can give you the competition, coaching an tools to get you there.


A traditional wrestling sport that originated in Yakutia (Russian Federal Republic of Sakha). This national sport of Yakutia tests strength and agility and its rules are fairly simple: two wrestlers sit opposite each other and try to pull the stick out of their opponent’s hands or drag their opponent over the wooden divider. The feet rest against this divider, but other than their feet and arms up to the elbow must not make contact with this board. The athletes are allowed to move their feet along the board as their bodies respond accordingly to their opponents moves. The bout begins as soon as the referee blows the whistle. Wrestlers with two losses are knocked out of the match. MAS wrestling is not only a great sport in itself, but an excellent strength training tool for all sports requiring functional strength. This is one of the games the Vikings used to prepare for their long journeys and raids on far way lands.

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